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Zach Knowles Motorsports

Sponsors: Grant Sheet Metal, Reynolds Company, HD Supply, Frio Acres, REDCO Tool & Fastener Supply, Midwest Electric, Wholesale Electric, Material Express, Inc., Taylor Lightning, Bent River Retreat,

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Zach Knowles Motorsports

Texas native Zach Knowles is having a stellar season in NASCAR BWFS / Coca-Cola Trucks at Houston Motorsports Park

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Zach Knowles Motorsports

Hometown: Houston, Texas Years In Racing: 12 2015 Pro Late Model, 2014 NASCAR Modified & Pro Late Model, 2013 NASCAR Whelen Trucks

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Zach Knowles Motorsports

Knowles, a native of Houston, Texas also maintains a presence inside the top-five (fourth) in the NASCAR Finalist Program in asphalt competition as of June 21

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HomeNews ReleaseNAPA Know How 250 @ Central Texas Speedway By JM Hallas

NAPA Know How 250 @ Central Texas Speedway By JM Hallas

Dated: 19 March, 2016

NAPA Know How 250 @ Central Texas Speedway

By JM Hallas

Self Scores Late Model Main
Returning from his runs in NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, Austin Self came back to his home track and picked up the Pro Late Model victory. It was a rock 'em, sock 'em affair that saw the top four trade positions, paint and few other pleasantries during the 50 lapper. The last ten laps saw Bayley Currey run down Self after a caution making it a fight to the finish.

With a five-car invert Self started on the pole and jumped out front on green. Zack Knowles got tagged and spun in turn 2 for a quick yellow. The next start saw Self again jump ahead with Knowles, Currey, Bobby Teer jr. and DL Wilson on his heels. David Lewis went off turn 3 for an early caution on lap 2. The restart was just a sign of things to come.

With the Madhouse style restarts, Currey picked the high side of Self. The two stayed door to door, literally, with lap 3 too close to call. Currey finally edged ahead to lead lap 4. They continued rubbing with Currey trying to force his way to the bottom, but Self holding his line. Self was able to keep Currey high long enough to get the lead back on lap 6.

Self caught Lewis to lap him, but Lewis didn't yield to the passing flag. So Self, who had Currey chomping at the bit, moved him sending home around and picking up some damage in the process. Currey again went him high on the restart and got by Self for the point on lap 14. They resumed their slugfest for the lead with Self giving Currey a tap to get back by on lap 16.

Teer took advantage of Currey hung high and got by for second. Currey tried to dive back in line, but Knowles used his nose to keep him up and took third. Teer then began looking high, then low on Self for the lead with the top four nose to tail nearing halfway. As Teer took a look high, Knowles and Currey found a hole and kicked Teer back to fourth at the crossed flags with Davin Cravens in fifth.

Currey got second from Knowles on lap 27 with Teer getting by for third on lap 29. As Currey pressured Self for the lead, Self spun on his own for a lap 33 caution giving everyone a chance to catch a breath. With the short field and Madhouse restart Self was able to quickly challenging Knowles for second. They made contact sending Knowles around.

Self now picked the outside of Currey for the restart. The duo again again stayed side by side scraping it out until Self finally got by on lap 35. Teer was able to get second followed by Knowles to third as Currey may have overheated his tires. Knowles was able to get by Teer for second before a lap 40 caution.

The ensuing restart would put Self and Knowles side by side where they stayed until Currey gave Knowles a tap when he tried to get to the bottom. This gave Currey second with Teer getting along side Knowles for third. All this gave Self a slight margin out front, but it would be short lived.

With five to go, Currey was closing, and fast, running deeper into the corners than Self. As the white flag waved Currey was within a car length and sniffing the lead. Currey gave it his best shot, but came up short as Self, in the Blacks Barbecue, Texas Tea, AM Racing, NAPA, Avis, Dont Mess With Texas, Hamke Chassis Toyota held on for the win.  

It was wild, commented Self. Coming back here to race is always fun. This is where I learned some hard racing with these guys. I was losing the brakes a little in the middle of the race. I'd have to pump them up. It got a little rough there, but that's what the fans like. I was able to make some good moves at the end, led the last few laps and came home with the win.

We've all been racing each other for a while. What happens on the track, happens on the track. You can be mad for a little bit, but you have to race each other again sooner or later. It's what the fans want and it's pretty fun on the race track. It's better than 50 green flag laps, single file for them.

With Bayley(Currey), Bobby Teer and the 51 car(Zach Knowles) up there running high and low with all of us having a chance to win, it was fun for us. I hope it was fun for the fans too.

Teer was the guy to beat here when I first started here. He took some time off when his family had some health problems. So big shout out to him and hope everything is alright now. It was cool having him back out here. You'd think he'd rusty after some time off, but he was pretty racy and raced me clean.

I like coming back here and being just one of the guys again. I wanted a good racecar so I brought Mark Browning and my CWTS crew with me. I want to win some races here this year. It's just being around people I know real well, like the Krugers. It's a big family thing back here. This place(CTS) is cool, we have the CarBar here to hang out after the races. The racing here is awesome. It's a lot of fun.

Pro Late Models(50 laps)
22 Austin Self, 05 Bayley Currey, 51 Zach Knowles, 2t Bobby Teer jr, 2c Davin Cravens, 17 David Lewis, 5 Steven Buchanan, 45 DL Wilson

Pro Late Model Qualifying
05 Bayley Currey, 14.501, 2b Bobby Teer jr., 14.643, 51 Zack Knowles, 14.759, 2 Davin Cravens, 15.151, 22 Austin Self, 15.526, 45 DL Wilson, 15.720, 5 Steven Buchanan, 16.089, 17 David Lewis, 16.460